Communicating the Value of Trade


In case you didn’t notice, international trade has been getting a black eye from comments in the press by those who view deficits as an indicator of the value of trade. Even those who have been its most ardent supports in the Congress remain quiet in its defense.


That’s why NCBFAA joined a coalition of import- and export-oriented companies and associations to turn the debate towards emphasizing the values of trade to our economy. Dubbed the “Global Value Chains Coalition, the group is determined to take the public discussion beyond deficits to employment, profits and trade’s other compelling features.


Steve Lamar, Executive Vice President at the American Apparel & Footwear Association (and a speaker at NCBFAA most recent GAC) wrote an article that bears repeating – to the Congress and to trade skeptics. It comes on the heels of meetings that NCBFAA has attended at the White House and with the House Leadership. It makes the case very well.


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