January 6th ACE Statements Drop is Just Around the Corner

NCBFAA is encouraging our members to prepare for this transition in several ways. First, please consider working with your clients to move your entry filing dates up as much as possible to minimize the number of transactions CBP is processing in ACE over the deployment weekend. Please minimize the number entries, if possible, on the daily statements in order to control the environment as much as possible. We suggest you consider moving your statements that are due to be paid during the deployment week up early to avoid any miscues and non-payment. We also encourage you to reach out to your client rep to make sure they will be in the office during the deployment, and find out what your contingency plan should be if they will not be there. Find your best channel of communication with CBP ahead of the deployment so you will have the best chance of success in resolving an issue should one occur during the drop. We also recommend that you reach out to your software vendors to discuss their plans and how you can be the best partner possible for them during this deployment. Again, find a good communication channel with your vendor before the deployment so you won't have to spend precious time just trying to find the right person to speak with. Finally, you may consider sending a communication similar to the following to your clients:


"_____ Client Alert
As you may know, CBP is doing the ACE Deployment for Statements on January 6th. We are working hard to prepare our clients for this transition in the following ways:

We will be working with you to pre-file as many statements before January 6 as possible to minimize the potential impact that any issues in the deployment release will have on you, our clients.


  • We will communicate to each client which statements will be filed early so that you have our latest and best information and can make arrangements to have the funds available for the early payment.
  • We have made plans for our communications lines with CBP so that if issues occur we are ready to reach out and support CBP through this transition.
  • We have reached out to our software provider and are actively partnering with them over this transition to minimize any potential disruption to you, our clients.
  • We encourage you to reach out to your software vendors as appropriate and see what support they will need through this transition.
  • We will monitor the situation continuously over the deployment weekend vie our association, the NCBFAA. NCBFAA staff will be available all weekend to blast out the latest information so that we can have the best possible outcome for our clients during this transition.
  • We will be updating our clients individually and collectively as necessary over the transition so that the trade industry is all working with the best information possible."

During the pre-planning for these upcoming deployments, NCBFAA has been the leading advocate for policies that will help ensure the smoothest transition possible for these new deployments of ACE functionality. We have repeatedly asked for all government hands to be on deck, that there be a CBP war room that the trade has access to, access to CBP's contingency plans, greater specificity on timing- which we received over the course of the last few weeks and has greatly helped us prepare, and we requested a snow day with consideration for late payment/liquidated damages. We will continue to ask for snow day policies and greater insight into CBP's contingency plans as we get closer to this upcoming deployment. We have been continuously engaged with the software industry to make sure that we are supporting their needs during this transition as well.


If you experience any problems or errors immediately after January 6, we ask that you email us. We will log any problems in an effort to share these issues with other members experiencing the same problems. Additionally, if there is anything that we can do to further prepare our members as we get closer and then into this upcoming deployment, please contact NCBFAA's EVP Megan Montgomery.

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