NCBFAA Works to Serve Future Members of the Industry


NCBFAA has worked diligently with CBP in the wake of the most recent customs broker licensing exam to find a workable remedy for our future fellow members of the LCB community. NCBFAA’s Customs Committee, Customs Counsel Alan Klestadt and EVP Megan Montgomery spearheaded a comment collection campaign to identify testing site issues, communicate with the LCB applicants, and worked with CBP to fashion a remedy that best serves the needs of CBP, the LCB community as a whole and the applicants themselves as well. CBP was eager to support the applicants who experienced test day issues and we were grateful for the opportunity to advocate on behalf of our members and future members. The final remedy included the opportunity for unsuccessful candidates to sit for a future exam free of additional charges and a renewed focus on getting the electronic testing perfected before the April 2018 exam. NCBFAA and CBP remain committed together to modernizing the brokers exam and deliver timely results to future applicants.


Many of the several hundred applicants we heard from expressed gratitude for the work that NCBFAA did on their behalf. In addition to the ”thanks,” “appreciate the advocacy and communication” and “NCBFAA is awesome” comments, we were especially pleased to receive the following comment, as it pretty much sums up the spirit of the other comments: 


“I am very glad the NCBFAA was able to advocate remedial action to help those who did not pass as well as allow those of us who did pass to retain our passing score.


Thank you so much to consider and pass along the comments I had initially as well as keeping me updated. Really appreciate the NCBFAA's work to ensure CBP handled this correctly. “


We here at NCBFAA take pride in working in partnership with CBP toward an industry that gets better every day. And we are pleased to have been able to step into this opportunity for advocacy on behalf of our current and future members. As always, we are here to help you keep trade moving.


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