Will Your Listing in the 2018 NCBFAA Membership Directory Be Accurate?


The process for producing the 2018 NCBFAA Membership Directory is underway and we need your help to insure the accuracy of your listing. To facilitate our data monitoring, each primary contact for our Regular, Affiliate and Associate members was sent an email with the contact and demographic information that we currently have on file. The email includes the access credentials needed to update or correct the company’s information as well as for the contact’s personal record.


If you are the primary Association contact for your firm but did not receive such an email, contact tmathers@ncbfaa.org to determine why you were not included in the mailing and to receive the information so that you may act on it.


The 2018 Membership Directory will be distributed to members and will be made available throughout the industry via online sales, at trade shows, and in response to phone requests. In addition, the publication will be posted online in an interactive flipbook open to all. The 2017 NCBFAA Membership Directory can be viewed here.


NCBFAA member listings are automatically published free of charge in the section dedicated to the specific membership category. The contact information included in your entry ensures that clients, colleagues, vendors and others can reach you. If that exposure satisfies your firm's advertising needs, then read no further; we sincerely thank you for your continuing membership support.


However, to draw attention, and add emphasis, to your company's presence in the book, you can simply buy an ad or enhance your listing. This order form lists all the advertising opportunities and listing enhancements available along with details on how to purchase them.


Numerous knowledgeable and experienced marketers have already recognized the 2018 NCBFAA Membership Directory as an indispensable tool for all members to draw attention to them:


  • By making their firms stand out from the others.
  • By emphasizing a particular expertise of their firm.
  • By highlighting their knowledgeable staff.
  • By directing clients to their many offices.
  • By establishing their presence throughout the 2018 NCBFAA Membership Directory.


For virtually pennies per contact, 2018 NCBFAA Membership Directory advertisers can announce their services to the full range of transportation industry participants who rely on the 2018 NCBFAA Membership Directory. Whether you go all in and plunk down $4,699 for the Outside Back Cover, or $69 to enhance your listing, you will stand out from the crowd and greatly increase your chances of being noticed and contacted for business.


Don't miss out on an entire year of advertising to the transportation logistics community and the opportunity to stand out from your competitors by advertising or enhancing your company's listing! Take advantage of this opportunity to make a lasting impression on Directory users by clicking here.


Once again, thank you for your continued support of the NCBFAA, Voice of the Industry!


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