NCBFAA Actions On Your Behalf


It’s been another busy week here at NCBFAA so let’s get right into it. NCBFAA President Geoff Powell is attending the annual CAAAREM conference in Mexico and participated in a panel with Antonio Vidales, the current President of CAAAREM, along with Angela Collins, the Chair of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers, and moderated by Carlos Martinez of CAAAREM. The panel will focus on North American trade amongst Canada, Mexico and the U.S. in our current political environment. CAAAREM is holding their elections and a new President will be elected. Antonio Vidales, the current President, has been a wonderful partner to NCBFAA and CSCB and look forward to continue working with Antonio in the future and continuing a strong relationship with CAAAREM 's new leadership. 


In other international news, Mary Jo Muoio, Chair of NCBFAA’s Customs Committee Chair, had the opportunity to attend the WCO’s Private Sector Consultative Group (PSCG) meetings in Brussels on the Association’s behalf.  While over in the EU, she had the opportunity to learn more about the PSCG and the work that they do, attend some subcommittee meetings and advocate for our industry.  She came away with a greater understanding about the rapidly changing global trading regime and some homework assignments for the NCBFAA leadership to make sure that  we remain the best advocates possible for our industry on a national and international stage. 


Closer to home, NCBFAA Executive Vice President Megan Montgomery had a very busy week. She began the week with attendance at the CBP NCBFAA monthly ACE call, and then dialed in to the CEE subcommittee call as well. Tuesday, she supported NCBFAA Legislative Representative Jon Kent and Legislative Committee Chair Charles Riley for the successful and well attended Legislative Update webinar. On Wednesday, she met with NCBFAA President Geoff Powell to discuss the Association’s track over the remainder of his term as president. Also on Wednesday, she attended the RAC call and the APN call and had the privilege of representing NCBFAA at the USFIA’s Washington meeting for part of the day. For the remainder of the week,  she had the opportunity to touch base with her panel for the upcoming ITA event in Cleveland in September and a discussion with the GAC planning committee on how the planning if coming along.  In addition to those tasks, she continued to spend some time focused internally on office administrative tasks and setting the association up for a successful fall.


Melzie Wilson, NCBFAA Board of Director and Vice Chair, Transportation Committee, and Janet Fields, Chair, Transportation Committee, submitted the NCBFAA suggestions for revisions and updates to the 2020 Incoterms drafting committee this past week.  We’d like to especially thank all members that provided their thoughts and input and eagerly await the revision results in the next few years.


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