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Hopefully, everyone is all rested up since our 44th Annual Conference in New Orleans. Our last articles covered the Annual Membership Directory and the NCBFAA Comply Directory, a.k.a. Ex Works Truck Vetting, which was followed by a webinar highlighting their new quote feature.  We hope that you all have had the opportunity to login and take a glance at the platform. If you still need assistance please reach out to Shanette Cobbs in our Membership Department.


So now that May has arrived and our members are reinvigorated from the conference, we want to highlight another member benefit, The NCBFAA Marketplace, and thank you all for supporting NCBFAA and its efforts. Thanks to your support we can offer documents, books, educational programs & webinars for free or at a low cost. This article will highlight and review the workings and information available in the NCBFAA Marketplace.


The Marketplace (NCBFAA’s Store Front) has some vital items that an individual or a company may need.  The marketplace is where you can purchase extra copies of the Annual Membership Directory as discussed in February’s MMeB; $35 for Regular or Affiliate Members, $65 for Associates members,  and $50 for non-members within the US.  In addition to the purchasing copies of the directory you can also:

  • Purchase various industry related publications and courses, in addition to previous year directory.
  • Create Individual Accounts (Professional Membership as well)
  • Renew your CCS and/ or CES or perhaps you need CCS/CES Grandfathering
  • Purchase "Using Power of Attorney Guide" and many other beneficial tools - guides & documents.


The Marketplace can be accessed a couple of way; from our homepage by clicking the Market Place link at the top of the page or the bottom of the page (under membership column) and just about every page you visit on the NCBFAA site or direct from the Educational Institute’s Portal by clicking the desired course(s).



Once you have entered the Market Place, you will see several options. The first being to login, which appears if you are not logged in or if your session has timed out.  It is strongly suggested that you log in to gain access to the member rate and to view members’ only products.


So let’s officially get you started!  You can browse by Categories such as Air Cargo & Air Forwarding, Books, Cargo Trans & Risks, General Export/ Import, U.S. Customs Broker Topics or you can simply click to view all store items. You can also “Find an item” by using the search fields. The search fields consist of Item Name, Item Code, Authors Name, and Publishers Name.


Example: Looking for a Power of Attorney item: Type in Power or Power of Attorney and search.



Then you will yield the following result: Using Power of Attorney Guide, Price: $150.00 (non-members), you can choose the quantity and add to cart.








Here at National we often get the question “How can my staff/coworker get log in credentials?” Company representatives can log into the corporate account and add to their staff listing. Employees can also add themselves to the staff listing. You can view all items or search for New Account – add to cart, provide personal & company details and then check out.  Once your order has been submitted an NCBFAA staff member will receive a notification and will process the new account and send the employee their login credentials.






The NCBFAA Marketplace contains an abundance of educational tools. You can renew your CCS and/or CES or you can get started on the grandfathering process for either one of the programs. In addition to the Certified Customs and Exports Specialists programs you will find:


  • NCBFAA Membership Directory (Current and previous year)
  • NEI Export 101 Course - Export 101 is an overview of export transaction basics and responsibilities, U.S. export regulatory requirements, and the forwarder process.
  • NEI Master Export Specialist (MES) course - The Master Export Specialist (MES) course is a Master Level Export Certification. Individuals are only eligible to enroll if they have met the stated pre-requisites and completed the application process.
  • Books such as The ICC Guide to the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations, The Law of Letters of Credit in China and much more.
  • More Courses like Intro to Cargo Transportation for Forwarders & Other Intermediaries (U.S.), Introduction to Cargo Risk Management and Insurance, Obtaining and Placing Cargo Insurance; Deciding upon Coverage, Math Used in International Trade and Cargo Transportation , U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Overview and Preparing and Processing Cargo Claims.
  • Evaluations: HTSUS Classification Gap Analysis Skill Evaluation (Single & Multiple Sessions) and HTSUS Classification Post Evaluation; Learning by Practice and Simulation.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities for GTEC: Bronze, Gold, Platinum & Silver.


Regardless if you’re new to the industry or an industry veteran, NCBFAA & NEI have all the tools and information you need to keep trade moving. Please stay on the lookout for more MMeB articles on Ways to Lean in to NCBFAA.  If you need to request your corporate (must be Primary or Secondary Representative) or individual login credentials or would like further information or to provide feedback click here to send an email to our Membership Department.


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