About LogisticsEI
The Logistics Educational Interface (LogisticsEI) is the premier learning management system of the NCBFAA Educational Institute.  It is powered by Meridian Knowledge Solutions, a leading provider in online learning systems.  The system provides an enhanced learning experience for professionals wishing to further their education in global logistics.


LogisticsEI provides the following amenities for users:

  1. An attractive design giving users a clean and sleek interface experience
  2. Interactive courses with enhanced graphics and learning features
  3. Versatile transcript services  that will allow users to keep track of all their achievements
  4. Payment services made easy through LogisticsEI's eCommerce features (coming soon)
  5. Manager amenities that will allow employers to monitor the progress of their employees
  6. And much, much more...!

For managers and employers, LogisticsEI offers the following amenities:

  1. Companies can assign managers to oversee the learning progress of their employees, including enrolling them into courses they would like them to attend.
  2. Companies will be invited to set up an account with LogisticsEI which will have the following functions: 
    1. Employees may bill their learning expenses to this account (coming soon)
    2. The NEI will send a monthly invoice to the company representative with NET30 payment terms (coming soon)
    3. Companies may set parameters for the account such as spending limits (coming soon) 
    4. The CCS course, as well as many other courses, will now have ongoing enrollment in which company employees may enroll their students at anytime.
  3. CCS/CES renewals will now (post-July 2015) be based on an anniversary date and no longer on a fixed, end of year date.  The NEI will provide accommodations for companies wishing to continue an MOU for their students' renewals.
  4. NCBFAA membership pricing will continue to be honored in the new system.



To learn more about LogisticsEI - read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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