Megan Montgomery, Executive Vice President

  • Oversees NCBFAA Office and Budget
  • Board of Directors and NCBFAA Committee Liaison
  • PAC and public policy issues
  • Leadership Outreach



Cecilia Ferrara, NEI Director

  • Supervises NEI Staff
  • CCS & CES Certification Programs
  • G.TEC Conference
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Coordinator
  • Webinars & Social Media


Tonya Johnson, Project Coordinator/ Administrative Assistant

  • General Membership Inquiries
  • Manage Receptionist Functions
  • Provide Administrative Support


Tom Mathers, Communications Director

  • Publication and Advertising Sales
  • Public and Press Relations
  • IT Support


Austin Miller, Assistant Director, Communications

  • Items for Monday Morning Briefing
  • MMeB Coordination & Distribution
  • Membership Directory
  • Public and Press Relations
  • Conference Assistance


Kimberly Murphy, Accounting Director

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Membership Dues
  • PAC Contributions


Kim O'Beirne, Meeting Department Director

  • Annual Conference and Government Affairs Conference
  • Coordinate Committee Meeting Venues



Toni Sanders, NEI Project Coordinator

  • Transcript Maintenance
  • Event Approvals
  • Professional Membership
  • NEI General Inquiries



Amy Dawson Taggart, National Membership Director

  • Membership Recruitment


La'Von Towns, NEI Education Coordinator

  • CCS & CES Course Enrollment
  • CCS & CES Grandfathering
  • Marketing & Graphic Design
  • Web Development


Drenda Williams, Administrative Supervisor

  • Conference Assistance
  • Membership Assistance
  • Meeting Assistance
  • Committee Assistance
  • EVP Assistance


Federico "Kiko" Zuniga, NEI Executive Director

  • Supervises NCBFAA Educational Institute
  • Responsible for all educational programs
  • Oversees Certified Customs Specialist and Certified Export Specialist credentialing programs
  • Conducts outreach and liaison with NEI constituent groups

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