Past Webinars

If you attended any of the below 2018 webinars and believe you are missing credit, please email ei@ncbfaa.org.
January 9: Export Administration Regulations (1 CES)
January 10: CBP Audits: Who's That Knocking at My Door? (1.5 CCS)
January 23: Boost Your Cross-Border Trading Profits in 2018 (1 CCS/CES)
February 13: Export Licenses (1 CES)
February 21: Leveling the Regulatory Playing Field (1 CCS/CES)
March 9: ECCN Classification Numbers (1 CES)
April 3: Your Cheat Sheet to Comply with CBP's Forced Labor Requirements (1 CCS/CES)
April 10: Letters of Credit (1 CES)
April 12: What to Expect from Upcoming NAFTA Talks (1 CCS/CES)
May 8: HTS Classification Numbers (1 CCS/CES)
May 9: What You Need to Know About New & Proposed Tariffs (1 CCS/CES)
June 6: EPA & ACES: Filing of Pesticide Imports & Helpful Tips (1 CCS)
June 12: Duty Drawback and Refunds (1 CCS/CES)
July 12: Hopes and Fears for NAFTA: A Three-Country Perspective (1 CCS/CES)
July 16: ISF and ACAS Updates from CBP (1 CCS/CES)
July 24: Exports for Dummies and Freight Forwarders (1 CES)
July 26: Take Control of Your Legal Responsibilities to Your Clients & Regulators (1 CCS/CES) 
August 7: What You Need to Know About New & Proposed Tariffs Part II (1 CCS/CES)
October 9: CBP Customs Bond Sufficiency and Increased Tariffs (1 CCS)
November 8: Foreign Supplier Verification and how to protect your business (1 CCS)
November 15: What's in a name? NAFTA becomes USMCA (1 CCS/CES)
November 29: Understanding Rules of Origin & Customs Procedures Under USMA-NAFTA 2.0 (1 CCS)
December 4: Overview of the U.S. Seafood Import Monitoring Program (1 CCS)
December 12: Do You Have a Section 301 Playbook? (1 CCS/CES)

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