November 29, 2018
12 to 1 pm ET
$50 for members; $75 for non-members

This webinar is designed to address the more complex technical and customs issues in the new USMCA such as rules of orgins for autos, textiles, chemicals and more. Details of side agreements with Canada and Mexico that are not part of the official USMCA will be discussed along with changes relating to certificates of origin and informal entries.


This program differs from others in the past since it will not discuss policy issues or ratification process but focus on nuts and bolt issues of importance to importers and brokers.


The program will be presented by Washington Attorney Les Glick author of books on NAFTA and Customs Law and co-chair of the American Bar Association Administrative Law

December 12, 2018
1 to 2 pm ET
1 CCS/CES credit
$50 for members; $75 for non-members

Have you been affected by the Section 301 tariffs? Will you be affected by the fourth round of tariffs, should they come to fruition? This webinar will teach you to write your playbook to cope with the surge in tariffs. It will address the steps to take should your business be impacted as well as options to consider for the future.


Audience members versed in Section 301 tariffs can learn and share best practices, while audience members seeking clarity on the Section 301 tariffs will gain a strong understanding and direction to share with management.


Join our expert speaker from BPE Global for this important and timely webinar!


Past Webinars

If you attended any of the below 2018 webinars and believe you are missing credit, please email ei@ncbfaa.org.
January 9: Export Administration Regulations (1 CES)
January 10: CBP Audits: Who's That Knocking at My Door? (1.5 CCS)
January 23: Boost Your Cross Border Trading Profits in 2018 (1 CCS/CES)
February 13: Export Licenses (1 CES)
February 21: Leveling the Regulatory Playing Field (1 CCS/CES)
March 9: ECCN Classification Numbers (1 CES)
April 3: Your Cheat Sheet to Comply with CBP's Forced Labor Requirements (1 CCS/CES)
April 10: Letters of Credit (1 CES)
April 12: What to Expect from Upcoming NAFTA Talks (1 CCS/CES)
May 8: HTS Classification Numbers (1 CCS/CES)
May 9: What You Need to Know About New & Proposed Tariffs (1 CCS/CES)
June 6: EPA & ACES: Filing of Pesticide Imports & Helpful Tips (1 CCS)
June 12: Duty Drawback and Refunds (1 CCS/CES)
July 12: Hopes and Fears for NAFTA: A Three-Country Perspective (1 CCS/CES)
July 16: ISF and ACAS Updates from CBP (1 CCS/CES)
July 24: Exports for Dummies and Freight Forwarders (1 CES)
July 26: Take Control of Your Legal Responsibilities to Your Clients & Regulators (1 CCS/CES) 
August 7: What You Need to Know About New & Proposed Tariffs Part II (1 CCS/CES)
October 9: CBP Customs Bond Sufficiency and Increased Tariffs (1 CCS)
November 8: Foreign Supplier Verification and how to protect your business (1 CCS)
November 15: What's in a name? NAFTA becomes USMCA (1 CCS/CES)

Questions? Please contact NEI at nei@ncbfaa.org

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