Discounts Available to NCBFAA CCS or CES Certification Holders

      As a participant in its programs, you recognize the tremendous value of the NCBFAA Educational Institute’s (NEI) certifications. Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran with years of service, you understand the need to continue learning, to keep up with the regulations, to hone your skills to better serve your clients and your company. We at the NEI appreciate your support and look forward to helping you achieve your educational and professional goals.

      With your growing subject matter expertise, your colleagues and acquaintances have, no doubt, begun looking to you for answers. Thanks, in no small measure, to the continuing education required by your certification you have been able to help them. If you would really like to assist them even more, the NEI has a proposition for you.

      We would like to give you a 50 percent discount off your next annual renewal fee in exchange for persuading another individual to become a Certified Customs Specialist (CSS) or Certified Export Specialist (CES). This certification can be either through grandfathering or enrollment in the CCS or CES courses.

      If interested please contact the NEI Department, (202) 466-0222,

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