NEI Committee Taking New Members

        It is the intention of the NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI) Chairman to reconstitute the NEI Committee. If you are motivated to serve in the interests of continuing education and the enhancement of professionalism and expertise in our chosen field, please volunteer to participate in the activities of our NEI. Volunteers should provide their name, NCBFAA area, company name, job title, email and postal address, office and cell phone numbers. Also indicate your areas of interests: CCS and/or CES; and Subcommittee preference: Content, Administration, Policy.

        The NEI Committee needs to broaden its base of volunteers; there is much work to be done, and we need smart, motivated and committed volunteers. Your timely response will be received before end of business May 24. Please respond to this notice even if you have already indicated your interest to the Chairman before now. Send your response to

Thank you,

Ken Bargteil, NEI Chairman

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