Time Is Down to Days to Register for the NCBFAA Annual Conference

      The time until the NCBFAA convenes its 38th Annual Conference in Hollywood, FL is growing short. Traditionally, this Conference has been a wonderful opportunity for networking, learning, socializing and relaxing. And, in these times of economic uncertainty, those are activities of significant value. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to join us and benefit by participating in all four.

      Perhaps you have been reluctant because of concern about being out of your office during the Conference and not knowing what is happening back there? But, honestly, in this age of instant communications are any of us ever really out of pocket unless we want to be? With the Internet, cell phones, Blackberry’s, email and iPhones, you’ll stay up with activity at home while still benefiting from participation in the Conference.

      Maybe it is the expense of accommodations, registration, and travel. Again, times are difficult and every dollar has to be shepherded, but consider the value of attending the Conference given all the critical information that will be available to you on the Part 111 rewrite developments, CBP dialogue, building forwarding business, contractual liability, export regulations, FMC developments, freight indices, air freight coalitions, ACE, cargo control, Enforcement, and customs brokerage risks and rewards, the critical Q&As that follow each session; not to mention to the highly placed Federal and industry representatives addressing the Conference participants throughout the event. All of this knowledge is vital to your business and your bottom line profitability. And there is the post-Conference Workshop with its sessions geared to Certified Customs Specialists, Certified Export Specialists and both.


      Although Tournament participation is very high there are still slots and it’s not too late to sign up. All that’s required is that you be fully registered either as an attendee or spouse/guest of an attendee. Here are some details on the event that might persuade you to join in the fun.

     One Note: Should you decide to play, be sure to let us know your handicap by sending it to recp@ncbfaa.org.


Only 6 Days Until the Annual Conference Kick Off!


       If you are a Regular NCBFAA Member employee working within approximately 100 miles of the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa, you are invited to take advantage of the 10 percent proximity discount.

As part of the sponsorship benefits package, the NCBFAA wishes to recognize its sponsors for their generous commitment in support of the NCBFAA Annual Conference.

In the coming weeks, the NCBFAA will include in this recognition all those who confirm their sponsorships at the Platinum, Gold and Silver levels. Those intending to sponsor at these levels are encouraged to send in their commitment forms as soon as possible to enjoy maximum exposure and those who have never before supported the Conference or supported it at these levels are invited to consider involvement this year. Simply click here for a list of sponsorship opportunities and here for a list of sponsor benefits .

For information on exhibitor registration click here; the program schedule click here; spouse/guest programs click here; and for answers to your questions click here.

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