NEI Schedules Opportunities for Members and Non-Members
      The NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI) is offering both members and non-members a number of opportunities. Look for new offerings each week!
      In an effort to better serve our users, the NCBFAA has transitioned to a new, more robust website! We understand this can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time, so we wanted to take a moment to outline some of the key components that will affect our CCS and CES program participants.
       Important Information for GISTnet Case Study Participants - To ensure that any case study you complete is properly credited and your transcript updated, please make certain that your GISTnet profile includes your NEI ID#. Login to your GISTnet account and select update user record from your My Page profile. Fill in the NCBFAA ID Number with the NCBFAA ID. You must select the Submit Update option at the bottom of the
form for the change to take effect. Please allow two weeks from completion of the Case Study for your transcript to be updated. Questions? Please contact the Educational Institute at
      NCBFAA's GISTNet Offerings - The NCBFAA has "partnered" with GISTnet to offer a number of their courses related to international trade and cargo transportation. For those certified in either the CCS or CES programs, participation in these courses is another venue for acquiring the CEUs needed for renewing certification. Specific areas of intereset currently availbel include: Cargo Transportation-General; Customs Broker Topics; Dangerous Goods; Export/Import-General; Supply Chain Security; and U.S. Export Compliance. Click
here for more information on these offerings.
      Viewing Your Student Transcripts - Our new platform gives
students many options to view CCS and CES Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) on their student transcript. Effective immediately, you will be able to view and print CCS or CES Credits independently or as a complete transcript history. Students will also have the ability to search for credits within a specific date range. Important: The "Educational Director" platform is no longer a component of our website. To view your transcript, please use the following instructions:
Visit > Click Individual Profile > Enter User Name and Password > Select Continuing Education
Credits from the Person Detail dropdown > Click Go
      Any credits that were imported from the previous platform will now display on your transcript as a "Historical
Credit". CEUs that have been added in the new platform will now show as CCS or CES accordingly. 
        Form 100 - Applying for CEUs: Event organizers applying for approval of CCS/CES CEUs are now required to pay the $25 application fee on line; checks will no longer be accepted. However, the Form 100, along with the event schedule/agenda/syllabus should be emailed to
      Students should check with the event organizer before submitting an individual application for CEUs.
      Once your event information has been reviewed and approved, you will receive the NEI logo for marketing purposes, as well as the Form 200 (verification of attendance). Enclosed in the Form 200, you will find the approved event number, event name and number of approved CEUs.
Events approved in advance will continue to be posted on our Educational Calendar with a link to contact or registration information.
      Form 200 - Verification of Attendance: Events already approved for CCS or CES credit will continue to require a Form 200 from the event organizer. Form 200s being submitted will require the new NEI ID for students and must be typed and submitted in the standard Excel format via email for proper credit to be applied. If you are a student and have attended an event that is eligible for CEUs, you must contact the event organizer prior to contacting the NEI to verify that a Form 200 has been submitted on your behalf.
      Events not already approved for CCS or CES credit will continue to require a Form 100 to be considered for CCS or CES approval.
POA Handbook "Using a Power of Attorney - The Third Edition" is still available. After reviewing this must have for any broker, the NCBFAA Legal Counsel determined no changes are foreseen through the rest of 2011. This Third Edition POA Handbook contains significant updates including recent changes to the Power of Attorney form and the importer security filing as well as an updated compilation of CBP rulings on powers of attorneys. Issues addressed in the Third Edition of the Handbook include broker/forwarder relationships and POA validation bringing the publication into line with current industry practice. If you wish to order multiple copies, please contact the Educational Institute at 202-466-0222 email
       Certified Export Specialist (CES) Certification Program - Designed to help trade professionals involved in the export industry become competent and well informed in current export regulations, the CES program will provide you with numerous opportunities for honing your professional skills while continuing to stay up with the rapidly changing marketplace within which OTI/Freight Forwarders function. The available coursework is varied and wide-ranging, encompassing all aspects of the trade.
      Ongoing enrollment for the CES Course is available now! Cost: $650.00 per member participant; $1,250 per non-member participant.
      To register please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the NCBFAA's homepage
  • Select the Educational Institute tab
  • Select Certified Export Specialist (CES) Certification Program
  • Select CES Application and Registration
  • Follow the steps for application and registration
  • Complete payment information

     If you have any questions, please contact Cecilia Ferrara by email or phone at (202) 466-0222.

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