CBP Commissioner, NCBFAA Leadership Meet

      High-level NCBFAA representatives met recently with CBP Commissioner David V. Aguilar in his Washington Office. Meeting with the Commissioner were NCBFAA President Jeffrey Coppersmith, Coppersmith Inc. El Segundo, CA; NCBFAA Vice President Darrell Sekin, DJS International Services, Inc., Colleyville, TX; NCBFAA Treasurer Geoffrey Powel, C.H. Powell Company, Linthicum, MD; Legislative Representative Jon Kent, Kent & O'Connor, Inc., Washington, DC; and NCBFAA Customs counsel Alan R. Klestadt, Grunfeld, Desiderio, Lebowitz, Silverman & Klestadt LLP, New York, NY.

      Topics addressed included ACE and the role of the broker. As for its part, the NCBFAA indicated its commitment to leading an effort to have customs brokers participate in ACE. However, it is critical that CBP help facilitate this by communicating its commitment to finishing ACE as soon as resources permit, without being diverted into programs that will redirect resources and attention from completing the core functionality. For their part, CBP agreed to reconfigure its "messaging" to demonstrate that commitment and to stay on track. They also agreed to author an article for distribution in a future MMeB edition outlining their vision for completing ACE.

      On the second topic, the NCBFAA asked for clarity in establishing the four corners of what CBP wants from its "Role of the Broker" initiative, as well as outline where we have come and where we need to go from here. NCBFAA wants to complete the work that was done on the 111 re-write, which seems not to be progressing; CBP agreed that the ball was in their court to move this forward.

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